Overview of HTK

Welcome to HTK —

As you might have guessed, HTK refers to HolisticToolKit.com & is shorthand for all of the services, information and sense of community you will find on this site.

What Are HTK Services?

Well, first are coaching services geared towards law students (click here for more info).

  • approaching & getting through, even thriving, your 1L year
  • continuing to build strength and endurance, maintaing your sense of humor and wellness and staying on track academically & career-wise your 2L year
  • keeping your forward momentum as a 3L, stepping more and more into the person you are about to emerge as come graduation, bar prep and beyond

Next are mindfulness-based workshops and retreats offered to law schools and bar associations.  The ground covered in these can span a range of topics and are tailored to fit the needs of participants (click here for more info).  Topics include:

  • practical skill-building in wellness areas such as yoga and meditation
  • programs aimed at promoting creativityauthentic leadership
  • facilitating dialogue around issues of social justice (i.e. by utilizing methods such as appreciative inquiry & other integrative, healing-oriented forms of discourse)

Information & Community

The HTK Blog (click here) is the landing page for HolisticToolKit.com.  It’s where people first get exposed to the idea that topics such as wellness, justice and learning actually mesh together in important ways.  This applies when we are students, and when we leave school to practice law or finding other creative ways to use our degrees.  There are needs we have for wisdom which aren’t typically addressed in legal education, nor are there enough supports or resources available for many law grads once they are out in the field.

HTK Blog is a place where information about holistic practices that can support students & law grads’ health & well-being can be read about, followed by video or even listened to via podcast.  It is also a place where students & law grads are welcome to share their experiences of the justice system, and get to know one another’s stories.  In the words of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, “story is a medicine which strengthens and arights the individual and the community.”  This is HTK’s starting point — providing an online space where students and grads can share their stories, find reflections of themselves amongst one another, and use this space as a means of gaining strength and building their vision for the future of law.

At present, HTK Blog belongs to one person, founder of HTK, Shoshanna Silverberg (click here for Shoshanna’s story).  Shoshanna’s hope is that over time HTK will acquire a social networking platform that will allow members to create profiles and connect with one another across the globe for personal and professional support.  The idea here is that a new generation of lawyers is evolving — one invested on a very deep level in healing ourselves and our planet, and in so doing, we will assist in healing what many have called a “broken” profession.  But to do that, we need a platform to know what each other are experiencing and how we are practicing “being” a lawyer.

So take a cruise through the rest of HolisticToolKit.com, especially the HTK Blog (click here).  Also feel free to be in touch with any inquiries using the contact form below —

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