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This video is for a friend who is pregnant and studying for the Bar. It’s a mindfulness practice integrating a body scan for cultivating clarity of vision & peace of mind…  Good for those with child & those who are not 😉

Often called ‘the father of modern yoga,’ BKS Iyengar wrote that enjoyment comes through awareness of all of one’s senses. This quick guided meditation over a cuppa coffee will hopefully help you to experience what Iyengar was talking about.  In so doing, hopefully it will also bring you an experience of peace and quiet as you start your day…

Pigeon 1 Fo Yo Mornin…

Posted: September 24, 2014 in Videos, Wellness, Yoga
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A fun way to start stretchin’ in the mornin’ & find flexibility in your hips — Don’t forget to do both sides & enjoy 🙂 ❤ Shoshanna


So this is Jonathan Flack’s photo of himself & a friend practicing yoga amidst finals. Jonathan will be a 2L at NYU School of Law in the fall & we are very grateful for his contribution to 🙂 #turninglawschoolonitshead

This post has been given to us by Jules Toraby, an about-to-be 2L who’s determined to keep it real..  Check out his vid tutorial on Acro Yoga & let us know if you have a lesson or reflection on something that keeps you feeling real…

Cooling Breaths

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Videos, Wellness, Yoga
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Ahhh, the (his)tory of my feet..



[Deep breaths punctuate throughout]

This topic came up for a blog post when I heard something AMAZING the other day.  I was streaming a class from YogaGlo with Tara Judelle, and she said: establish relationships with each of your toes…Flexing+the+Lower+Legs...+-+2010

Something clicked.  Like, locked in from the tips of my toes up all the way to my shoulders.

Was in Down Dog at the time, & I could just feel my heels settle in and down, my knee muscles feeling bound super securely to the flesh of my legs and the tendons and even the few prickly hairs on the surface of my skin.  They all conjoined, with energy running up both legs into my hips & sacrum; shooting up my back, spiraling out in webs of fascia working to ease and relax my bones into proper alignment.

This is for me the experience of safe space.  And creating it starts by establishing a relationship with each of my toes…